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  1. The Spider Bites
    Have you ever been beaten by sand fleas before? I had it once! It’s different from spider bites. Sand bug nibbles are one of the negatives of setting off to the shore known to each sunny shore goer. Throughout the Spring months, as individuals group to the shore, sand bug chomps get more unmistakable as a typical situation alongside sun blaze, however what precisely are sand bug nibbles?
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  2. Wood-n-Things Hints and Tips
    A safe haven to post your hints, tips, questions, or sharing of ideas for all types of woodworking. My personal preference is Scroll Sawing however. From how to sand to how to measure twice and cuss once!
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  3. Chivala Beach a Bright Star on the Horizon of Malvan
    Chivala beach is getting popular among the tourists due to its attractive arch shape and huge rocks at the background. It is a sprawling stretch of golden sand and clean waters bordering Malvan in the North.
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  4. Facts About Vagator Beach Goa Tourists Talk About
    Goa is home to the most amazing beaches, where sun and sand welcomes tourists wanting to have an exciting time during their vacations. In recent times, an increasing number of travelers are heading towards Vagator Beach to enjoy a walk on its powdery sands.
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  5. Sand Casting Exporter- expanding the usage of castings the world over
    Sand casting process is amongst one of the most highly flexible forms of casting that permits the usage of permanent and recyclable patterns. This process is used to handle processes having high production volume.
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  6. Walk With Us
    Life of a home educating family in the UK. This is a family blog and includes every fortnight some stories from our budding authors which we need your votes for to determine a winner. We write about all sorts of fun crafts that we get up to - just last week we wrote about making plaster-of-paris moulds in the sand. We also post about science experiments and things we are growing. You'll also fi...
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  7. Jamaica Holidays are Full of Excitement, Fun and Chivalry
    Jamaica is one island nation that depicts uniqueness of the Caribbean. Few things that summarize the attractions in the country are spectacular white sand beaches, hip beach culture, funky music scene, delicious gastronomy and vibrant nightlife. Beach lovers love to start their Jamaica holidays from Seven Mile Beach.This beach is located in the city of Negril and is the most prominent at...
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  8. Concrete|Foundation|Earthquake|Pile|Staad pro|CAD|Soil|Drilling
    Pile, foundation, black cotton soil, concrete, drilling, underpinning, earthquake, under reamed pile, what is, slab, beam, column, steel, flat plate, epoxy, staad pro, piles, piling, cement, clay, sand, gravel, silt, skyscraper, tallest, longest, building, world tallest, aci, astm, steel structure design, geotextile, tsunami wall, asbestos, superplasticizer, pozzolana, air entrainment, etabs, a...
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  9. Digital Footprints and Technorati !!
    The buzz around online media is getting more hype day by day because every second person is using the online media in one or the other way.In this era of neck to neck competition ,one needs to be very keen about the market scenario if he/she wants to exist. Darwin’s Theory “Survival of the Fittest” is the basic need for any organisation to sustain in the market. They must know what are the curr...
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